News About “Cosmogony”

“When I first saw, my eyes did see

only my own clear water’s leighs.

Then upon the shore I crashed,

all horizon being ash.

Eons passed, shore and I as one,

living beings around us, none.

But from our union there conceived

a single spark from which Life weaved…”


“Cosmogony (2019)” is a rhyming and metered poem about how the earth was formed: the sun, sky, beach, ocean, etc all take on voices and personalities of their own and tell their stories to a dreamy teenage girl who is on a Galveston, TX beach. I wrote this 35+ page poem in one afternoon during a hurricane on my front porch while the power was out!

This masterpiece is on sale now at for $7.99, but you can enter to win a signed copy of it and the three other titles I am currently promoting by clicking here on the contest link here:! Contest ends 6/15/20!

Stay tuned for blurbs about the other titles I’m promoting to follow this post!


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