News About “Disaster and Harmony”

“Black and white mean nothing to me–

I prefer the color of the sea

when it is grey and foggy,

and the fish are all becoming amphibians…

because we all evolve,

we change and grow,

searching for our better selves

where no lifeboats can be found.

Where sky and water are the same,

we must teach ourselves how

to swim for shore.”

“Disaster and Harmony: A Poetry Collection (2000-2019)”

“Disaster and Harmony” is a collection of exactly fifty poems I selected that were written between the time I was 22 and living on my own in downtown Austin, TX and for the next twenty years, which found me married with a daughter and living in a small town northwest of Houston. Through heartbreaks, my teaching career, travels across the world, marriage, giving birth, mental breakdowns, hospital stays for bipolar disorder, being a stay-at-home mother, working as a writer, painting, friendships and a lot of personal growth, I kept writing poems, and I’ve chosen the best fifty for you to read!

You can buy the book and read them all for $7.99 at now, or you can enter my contest and try to win a signed copy of this title and the three others I am currently promoting now at:! Contest ends 6/15/20!

Stay tuned for more blurbs about all the books I’m promoting!


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