News About “Dandelions”

“Dandelions were picknicking under the trees,

fielding grounders on the baseball diamond,

playing hide n’ seek under the slide,

and looking for their Mama at the edge of the park...”

–“Dandelions” by Marie K Johnston

Dandelions is a book of poetry meant to be shared by children and their parents, read together aloud during quiet moments of reflection where parents can share their memories of their childhoods with their kids. I wrote this book about a little boy, but it is really about my own childhood growing up in what used to be rural Spring, TX, in my old neighborhood–riding my bike around all day with my little friends, flying kites in the fields, throwing the ball with my dad, watching moms get the mail, dads mow the lawn, all the things that kids used to do in rural suburban areas when things still happened outside before computers and video games took over modern childhoods.

You can visit now and purchase a copy of this charming poem for $7.99, or you can enter to win a signed copy of Dandelions along with the three other titles I am currently promoting here:! Contest ends 6/15/20, so enter today!


To continue reading on another of my exciting website destinations, visit: (Biography & Bibiography),

https://www.MarieKJohnston (Fiction & Folk Art) &

https://www.BipolarLifer (My Journal & Self-Help)

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