Announcing the Winners of the May/June Autographed Book Giveaway Contest!

Thank you to the many loyal readers who entered my contest to win a set of autographed books during May and the first half of June 2020! The three winners were chosen randomly by Gleam, my marketing company (out of Australia). Here are the three winners:

Riah Wemple

Pittsburgh, California


Charlotte, North Carolina

Cassandra Darensbourg

Riverside, California

I have reached out to each winner via email to get a physical address, have gotten addresses for two of them, and I am in the process of getting them their very own sets of autographed copies of Mental (2018), Dandelions (2019), Disaster and Harmony (2019) and Cosmogony (2019) in the mail as soon as possible!

Thank you to everyone of you who entered the contest! Some of you entered more than once, and I applaud your spirit and appreciate your desire to win! While entering the contest, there were options to follow me on GoodReads ( , Pinterest ( and Facebook ( and I appreciate those of you who did this, as well!

I think that contests are fun ways for us to interact! Be on the lookout for more contests and more interesting prizes!

To keep reading, click on: (Biography and Bibliography) (The Fiction & Folk Art of Marie K Johnston) (The Journal of a Bipolar I Woman and Self-Help), (Check out Health and Navy House Design Boards)

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