Check Out “Mental” on Bookbub!

I just discovered a new book compendium site that is just like Amazon’s Kindle! It’s called, and it’s run by Apple. It’s a discount book club that you can join and search for free–they will email you links everyday to new titles as often as you wish! You can purchase tons of great titles for barely any money–Bookbub is really fun!

And here is Mental‘s Bookbub listing:!

This link does take you to Amazon, however, as I am an Amazon author! But, the Bookbub experience is still a good one and I invite you to try it out!

I am currently working with them to create an author page and to update my Bookbub bibliography–once it goes live, I will post the links here and on, my creative writing website for the latest Marie K Johnston news!

To continue reading my work, please visit: (to read my official biography and bibliography), (to read my official creative writing and visual art site), (to read my wellness magazine)

& (to read boards celebrating the wife/mom life of this Buddhist writer!)

Thank y’all for reading!

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