“Disaster and Harmony, A Poetry Collection: 2001-2019 (2019)”

“What is risk when this is all we have–

the houred day,

the finite span of years,

consciousness of aging

and sure death beyond.

I would rather make risk my lover…”

Disaster and Harmony: A Poetry Collection, 2001-2019

Disaster and Harmony (2019) is full of poems that deal with personal struggle, difficult relationships, true love(s), searching for peace, and finding joy despite chaos and pain. These poems were composed between the years 2001-2019 and are randomly arranged.

Johnston writes frankly about deep depressions, marriage and family, being in love, beginnings and endings, taking joy in little and big things, and personal growth.

This is her third book of poetry. Johnston recently published Dandelions (2019), a long poem about the wonders of a childhood spent in Nature and Cosmogony (2019), a rhyming and metered poem about the natural world and one girl’s place in it. She is also the author of Mental (2018), a novel about overcoming a difficult childhood. Her first novel, Leaves Subsiding (2010), published under pen name M Yoshida McCurry, is written in the style of magic realism and is about the elusive search for happiness.

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Published by Marie K Johnston

Marie K Johnston (aka Kristen M McCurry) is a novelist, poet, visual artist, resume writer, website creator and publisher. She is a 42 year old married mother of one living in a little arty town just northwest of Houston, TX. She was educated at The University of Texas at Austin and Cornell University in the 1990s and was accepted into Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2000. Marie K Johnston wrote for Walmart.com and Rice University’s Web & Print Division, worked for a variety of print and online publications (including “The Daily Texan” and eHow.com), and taught high school English/tutored UT@Austin students in Liberal Arts subjects for 14 years before she married. She is the author of 2 novels and 3 books of poetry, all of which can be previewed and purchased at http://Amazon.com/author/mariekjohnston and http://www.BooksbyMarieKJohnston.com! She writes local color “faction,” taking a journalistic approach to her everyday life in Texas and blending this “seamlessly” with the style of magic realism (a combination of the “real” and the “surreal”) in order to universalize the basic human pursuit of peace and wholeness in a world which seeks to crush even the most resilient of spirits. Johnston’s “faction” always reveals the triumph in the struggle, the maturity in riding out the “ups” and “downs” of life in order to grow in wisdom and serenity and achieve “success.” She is also the owner of Astute Pursuits (http://www.astutepursuits.home.blog), where she has been using her verbal prowess to garner dream jobs for her clients since 2010! With the invaluable assistance of the McCurry dynasty, Johnston has been reviewing and sharing the work of idealistic and gifted writers of fiction and non-fiction as head publisher of Halcyon Days Press, Inc. (http://www.HalcyonDaysPress.Wordpress.com), an IQ Publishing Haus of TX Company, with locations in Tomball and Houston, TX. She is also working to open her own Etsy store, “Boho Art by MKJ,” to sell her original “word art,” visual art that attempts to inspire her audience to be happier and to achieve their full potential, as well as a wide variety of yet-to-be-revealed decor for the home; a preview of her visual art can be found at http://www.MarieKJohnston.com (“The Fiction and Folk Art of Marie K Johnston”). In her capacity as an author, Johnston is currently working on two projects: 1) the publication of her non-fiction essays and journal entries, collected over the past 25 years, which explore the themes of love, loss, marriage, motherhood, pursuing careers in education and art, dealing with mental illness, and coming into one’s own, and 2) a third fictionalized narrative dealing primarily with her daily, lifelong battle with Bipolar I with Psychotic Features. Both of these intense projects are due for publication and release in December 2020.